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Poets will Exist so long as the Heart Insists Book Cover

by william t. Co

Poets will Exist So Long as the Heart Insists


This book is a collection of heartfelt poetry and beautiful imagery that captures the essence of love. It is designed to take readers on a journey through the many different facets of love, from the joy and excitement of falling in love to the deep emotional connections that sustain us throughout our lives.

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William T. Co

William T. Co has been writing quotations since his mid twenties. Through years of experience and copious amounts of reading, he has become a walking encyclopedia when it comes to history, philosophy, politics, economics, and religion. It comes to no surprise that these are also his favorite topics to write about.

His works first appeared on his blog, ‘WilQuote’, short for William’s Quotations, was coined by his late wife, Vilma. In 2016, he released his first book titled “Life Without Nonsense Doesn’t Make Sense” and in 2017 he released his second book titled “A Cynic is One Who is Tired of being Fooled”.

He is a Filipino-Chinese businessman residing in the Philippines. He has three kids namely Matthew, Michelle, and Mark.

Other Books

Life Without Nonsense Doesn’t Make Sense

Knowing more does not actually “fill” you. On the contrary, it makes you ask even more questions. 

And the more you ask, the more you come to realize that there are a lot of things that do not have a straightforward explanation…and that some things ‘simply are’. 

So here’s to penning a witty quote, or two, for the many things in life that, perhaps, do not really need an explanation.

Love & Lust

An enticingly romantic book illustrating that intense and intimate connection between two lovers. They are beautifully drawn in a world of their own, with nothing to hide, and everything to experience.

 The book contains 50 specially select love quotes and poetry, paired with a sensually illustrated line art.

A Cynic is One who is tired of being Fooled

 I wasn’t born a cynic.

This was brought out by years of being screwed over, and then some.

Over time, I’ve come to realize how most people are only looking out for themselves. And, Dear Reader, if you’re smart, you’ll watch out for that too.

Look closer, and you’ll see that nothing is as pristine as it seems.


Every quote has a story to tell.

– william T. co

Coming Soon!

Available Aug 16, 2018

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